November 27, 2008

Me & My Hubby!

Tis is my lovely honey bunny hubby a.k.a Shariff Kassim. 33 years old. Was born in Taiping, Perak.

A bit 'bout our relationship before we've got married. Sejarah perkenalan kami bermula pd August 2000.... We works under one roof, i.e. TOPS, Wisma Jerneh, Jln Sultan Ismail. He's in Finance Department and I'm in Store Planning & Development Department.

Masa tu aku dh pun almost 2 years in TOPS but dia baru beberapa bulan je kt situ. And masa tu aku baru jer beberapa bulan 'break' ngan my 'x'. Dipendekkan citer, kami pun berkawan rapat. Our first date @ Chilli's Restaurant, Shahzan Tower, Jln Sultan Ismail and our 2nd date @ Pesta Buku Antarabangsa, PWTC... :P

Our relationship runs smoothly till we declared to be a couple on 11 October 2000 (my besday! :D). And on November 2000, he proposed me and we've got engaged on 21 Jan 2001.... :P

Hmmm.... ape nk cite lg yek.... Hah!! After almost 7 months engaged, kami pun kawin, i.e. 31 August 2001... :D And after 2 months kawin, aku disahkan pregnant..... :))

November 26, 2008


Tis photo is on my engagement day, ie. 21 Jan 2001... Anggun tak.....? :D Sbelah I tu is my fiance, now merangkap my lovely honey bunny hubby a.k.a. Shariff Kassim.....

We've got married on 31 Aug 2001 and now already 7 ++ years we've living together.... :D And insyaallah, will still be together till d' end of our life.... doakan yer....

Our wedding photos ada but unfortunately, blum scan lg laa.... huhuhuhu... tingin gakk nk published kt sini.... but next time la yek... when I dh scan nanti I'll publish here.... just for ur eyes only.... hahahahahaha.... :))

Welcome to EynaDean's Blog!!!

Yahooo!!!! Finally, I've got my own blog.... I created this blog on '26th November 2008' @ '2.30 pm'.... :D

So, u r welcome to view my blog....

Firstly, let me tell u a bit 'bout myself.... I'm 32 years old. Married for almost 8 years with a
wonderful and handsome (:D) guy name Shariff Kassim. We have two wonderful and gorgeous daughters. My eldest, Nur Aishah Nadhirah @ Kakak is 6 ++ years old and my youngest, Nur Aufa Nadrah @ Adik is 2 ++ years old. We're staying at Kepong Metro Prima but only on weekend jer and on weekday, we're stay with my parent at Greenwood Park.

I'm the eldest in my family with 1 sister and 1 brother. My father, Haji Nordin Saedan and my mom, Hajah Kamsiah Yusof was a wonderful parent.

That's a bit abt myself....


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