September 2, 2009

Ofa 1st Audition for Drypers Wee Wee Umbrella


Last week, 28th August (Thursday), ummie received sms from Dzull of DZMS, informed that dia ada antar emel kt ummie... as ummie on MC that day, so ummie pun online la guna maxis ummie je.... check punye check, yes ada emel from DZMS... camni isinye...

"Hi Parents !

This is Dzull from DZMS.
We have sent your kid's photos to Orbit One Casting (an active production house in KL).
So now your kid is shortlisted to come for audition at Orbit One for Drypers TV Commercial. Please find details below :
TVC Job: Drypers Wee Wee Dry "UMBRELLA".
Contract: 1 year only (only main talent will be given a contract)
Country: Malaysia & Singapore.

Casting starting from today (Friday) until Tuesday (1st September 2009).
Casting Address : No. 7 Seksyen 87A, Lorong Gurney, 54100 Kuala Lumpur (near Jalan Semarak KL)
Time: 11am - 6pm only. Contact person Sheefa : 03-xxxxxxx.

Please bring your kid to the audition. Do not worry about the role. Because at the end of the day, client (Drypers) will decide who get this role and who will get that roll. So we need you to experience the audition. Because there will be a lot more audition coming up, so your kid seriously need to have the experience ya.

Please do not hesitate to call me directly at xxxxxxxxx if you have further question about the audition. If I dont pick up, kindly leave a sms ya.

I also need you to notify me via sms details like : when you gonna go to Orbit One & the time you coming because I have to alert Sheefa at Orbit One.

Dont forget to download the attachments for your better understanding ya.



So, ummie trus reply msg Dzull bgtau yg kami akan pegi esoknye, 29 August dlm kol 12noon - 1pm...

Keesokkannye, ummie pun pegilah ngan abah bwk si Ofa ngan Aishah... sesampai je kt situ mmg ghamai owg... bukan odition for Drypers je but tuk Fair & Lovely pun ada... patutla ramai.... hehehe...

Ummie trus register name Ofa... turn Ofa masa tu lama lg... ummie ngan abah confident yg Ofa gerenti akan dapat boring nunggu.... tekaan kami mmg tepat... tau la anak sendiri kan... hehehe.... dh lebih stgh jam tunggu, Ofa dh gelisah.... dok xdiam... panjat sane.. panjat sini... adusss.... letih ummie... dh la posa... si kakak pun xlarat nk layan... psl dia pun posa.... hehehe.... abah yg posa tu je yg larat melayan....

Masa baru2 sampai, dia bukan main excited lg... dok ty bila nk amik gambar... bila nk amik gambar... last2, lama sgt nunggu, bla tibe je turn dia, dia xnak...

Odition tu just suruh dia nari sambil pegang payung (dgn hya memakai dryers)... mula2 ok, pastu dia xnak.... siap suruh kakak dia yg nari.... kih3...

Lama jgklah dorg pujuk dia.... last2 dia nangis... huhuhu.... akhirnya ummie ckp kt org tu, xpelah... mgkin xde rezki kali nie... next time la... hehehe....

Kami pun balik......... hehehehe....

Sowilah xde gambar... sbenarnya lupa bwk camera.... bateri bawak tp camera plak xbwk... hahahaha.....


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